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  1. Well it is finally in print - yes Scott won the turf wars raging over the introduction of more gridwall in the shop!. I was worried it would make too much of a corridor down the aisles but yes I admit it ...I was wrong! it's turned out to be the best option to fit enough of the stock in and 'tidy' the look.  It's not too tall so you can still see the new fluro jewellery displays and after what felt like living in one of those slidey number puzzle games, where you have to move everything 20 times ....everything finally fell into place! The icing on the cake was that we could still fit in our reclaimed 'Dior' stand which made the perfect platform for our lovely 'Shorties Designs' tattoo style greetings cards - and now they are at average, not giant sized height! (nobody could reach past the first row!). 


    So now we have 2 cabinets full of fab jewellery, handbags and retro toys - all themed like miniature rooms - we have top shelf - steampunk and Psychobilly and just downright odd - where winking eyeball rings and vampire fangs brooches, and clockwork bugs live!.  Downstairs on the next 'floor', there is a cascade of beautiful bottlecap brooches by Joanna Jacobs featuring Frieda Carlo, Sugarskull, Swallows and HRH 'god save the queen' motifs!. Next door to them they're having a tea-party with tea-set charm bracelets, teapot and ice cream sundae necklaces made by yours truly and Punky Pins.   Now the girls are really having a handbag fight on the next 'floor', they are vying for space and wonderwoman keeps trying to take charge but the Dr Who and Star Wars bags keep trying to take over the handbag universe! Good job Batgirl is there to sort them all out! On the ground 'floor' it's like looking into the craziest creche of 1980s baby animals including vintage G1 M.L.Ponies, Wuzzles, Care Bear posables and the like!  This is where I will be beginning to show case more vintage 'girls' toys (not exclusively but marketed at originally - not wanting to be sexist here!).  Having now been through the trauma of selling some of my Sindy and Pippa dolls in the shop the other day (they say the first cut is the deepest!) I am encouraged to sort out some more, including one of my prized Mego Wonder Woman dolls so watch this space!


    As you can see we did the windows too!  We have some cool new dresses from Choppa featuring Hello kitty, MLP rainbow Dash and friends, Monsters Inc, Dr Who Daleks, and Sonic in3 different colours and designs! We also now stock the fabulous designs of Emily Braz at Shinkurose!.  Her amazing handmade anime inspired 'Lolita' dresses come in gingham and cute florals with the option of a handmade puff-sleeved lace-trimmed blouse. So cute!


    Oh yes and we didn't forget the lads and ladies who like the Sci-Fi....William Shatner decided to pay us a visit!  For all you parents and expecting parents- check out our new range of babywear! We now have a dedicated kids area...with a new line of geeky baby shoes coming soon!


    And finally.... we managed to bring our cool Sci-Fi and comic book badges, keyrings and ball chain necklaces out from the dark-side and into the light new display...yes on hte gridwall again scott were right!!! (for once!)


  2. Well we made some progress to the new displays today thanks to the extra help from our new intern Charna who will be with us all week, and no thanks to Rufus who was promptly sick on me the minute Charna arrived!  Anyway Scott did a bit of manly and most of it was fairly straight as long as i don't let my OCD kick in i'll be ok ...just focus on the colours Deb ok!

    So hopefully you can see the beginnings of the new girly side of the shop - have managed to get a witnessed statement from Scott that YES i can paint the wall yellow! hoorah he actually agrees with me that it will finish off the zingy new look - but it will have to wait till next sun/mon as it'll be a mission and don't want the shop to be closed the rest of the week so here's the progress so far...feel free to let us know what you think!

    charna sorting us out!spray spray!

  3. Well we thought it was about time we had a bit of a refit in the this wed we started demolishing rails and building some new funiture...thanks to a swifty visit to ikea on monday we now have a rather fabulous bright pink display unit and a lovely new glass cabinet to put all our lovely girly things in!!   Yes hoorah! the girls get some more space....dollies will begin to infiltrate the boy domain of cabinet space ha ha!! well they might if i get around to parting with them anyway! In the mean time we have lots of space to display lucy liz's amazing comic book and dr Who handbags!

    knock em down!pretty in pinkstick em up!

    Anyways...the plan is to have loads of frames on the wall to display the jewellery ...and so we've been doing a Blue Peter jobby and sticky fixering them to the wall to try out the composition...and then we added a few more for good to see how this progresses, follow the new blog and hopefully once i can work out how to get the bloody pictures on there you'll have something interesting to look at!!!........

    cheers for now love deb xxxx blimey finally managed it! hooray for pics - but don't worry the ones in the frames aren't staying!!!

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